Friday, November 15, 2013

Master of ALL

And so the great master, TIME, has us in its grip. All the wealth in the world combined cannot begin to equal control over TIME. We are ALL subserviant to it, Giants and the little people alike.

No man can cheat TIME, no man can escape it. We will all one day succomb to it, for it measures our own mortality, as we pass from existance to non-existance, in this perception we are bound to, which we call "reality".

And so we wait ... for a time when debt will no longer be accepted as a means of exchange. Can you imagine such a world? I cannot. The 99% (a.k.a. the little people) use NOTHING but debt, and NOTHING ELSE, with which to pay bills, buy items and balance up their accounts.

And yet a time comes when debt will fail ... slowly at first, then ...

And in this time there will be a brief return to barter as the new system is sorted out, for people will need to adjust their thinking, in terms of ACCEPTANCE.

With "money", it is all about acceptance after all. We have many places today where certain currencies are "not accepted", even though a certain currency is accepted "almost" anywhere.

The TIMES .. they are "a'changing" and neither the Roacheforques, nor the Rothschilds, nor 6 billion little people working together as one, can do ANYTHING about it. But we will learn to accept the changes, large and small.

Happy Friday!!

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