Monday, November 18, 2013

How Do I Fail Thee, Let Me Count ...

Because the coming failure of debt will be epic beyond anything to have ever befallen the modern world, even the world's foremost wealth Giants will be impacted in ways beyond what can be prepared for.
But prepared they are, as well as they can be.

In the beginning, debt will most likely fail as a "means of exchange" to settle international derivative counter party claims. The East has already warned the West that it will not honor certain debt instruments which it deems invalid. Yet it clearly supports the system as a whole, when usable to its advantage.

So, in a large part, this international settlement disagreement will require the intervention of our friends in Basel, whose namesake will be put to the test. If gold is called upon at this time, then the domino's will fall, and the great chain reaction will begin.

Terms can still be negotiated peacefully. The Swiss do have a way with such matters, but in the end, debt will fail first and perhaps most spectacularly in the international settlement realm. The currencies will begin to burn, some more brightly than others, led by the dollar - to which all currencies are bound, and by which all are tied to one another, including the bonds of sovereigns, for they are intrinsically tied to the currencies, and all other paper promises of wealth.

The hyperinflation of commodities is merely the resurgence of the physical plane upon the monetary plane, so repressed for so many decades, and a new age of direct sufficiency will be upon the world in terms of systemic balance.

Gold is merely an expression of the simple and natural return to this state of balance where wealth is measured by strong hands, good soil, hard work and a diligent spirit. But that state of affairs will be temporary. The wealthy do possess gold, and they will not lose their tenure of means. A new system awaits ... but many who placed their faith in paper will be reduced to poverty.

Much is said these days about the systemic "transfer of wealth" in our dollar centric international monetary and financial system. But the epic transfer that awaits the failure of debt will be FAR more overwhelming. In that time, which you dear reader will likely live to see, the imaginary wealth which many were led to believe in will vanish, as tradition is restored.

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