Friday, October 4, 2013

The Basis of Points

Ahhh ... as Roacheforque prepares for the glorious weekend stretch, it appears that Tenxie, the Debt-Fairie of the mythical Land of Freedom, has taken a page from Cinderella and is asking, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" to which the magic mirror takes pause for a moment, and then instead of replying in it's usual and customary fashion, issues forth with ...
Beloved Mistress, to protect your uncompromised faireness, 39 more points of awareness.
Of course Tenxie, loving the intrigue of a good riddle, happily danced in the firelight, all aglow with the prospect of exciting changes in the air.

The mirror, a reflection of many expectations, is really just a window to the world of thoughts, a world of confidence and acceptance. Yet the mirror thinks it's reflections represent the REAL world, the world that Tenxie crosses into, where thoughts of value are the currency used to acquire real things.

Now those thoughts of value cost 39 more points of awareness to protect the mirror-world from the real world, where thoughts can change in an instant, and awareness weighs in against the reference point of these thoughts of value.

Does the nail upon the wall which held the mirror once firm feel loose from many years of neglect? Will Tenxie's flittering dance as she bumps against the mirror to and fro cause it to come crashing down?

We watch and see.

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