Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On the NATURE of being HUMAN

Imagine if you will a world where hunger is ended, where pain and suffering, for the larger part, does not exist. Imagine a world where disease and famine are all but vanquished - and ignorance, fear and servitude are mostly a memory of times past.

This world is well within our reach. We have the means ... but alas, the motive is found wanting.

We primitive humans, by our inherant nature, are programmed for self-preservation above all, and to the demise of all around us, lest it diminish our own exaltation.

Think upon this for a moment, and understand that all men, from the richest to the poorest amongst us are programmed for self-preservation above all, and to the demise of all around us, lest it diminish our own exaltation.

First ourselves, then our sphere of influence, then our country, and then (if an alien invader were to arrive) our world comes under our "preservation". And once we have preserved our safety, and our existence, we then seek to grow and protect what is preserved, our power (or freedom) and our wealth.

Again, this extension of human nature goes beyond the self, as does the demise of all around us, up to the extent that it diminishes our own sphere of preservation. And for the few amongst us that deny this natural tendency, with airs of altruism and sacrifice ... they can be turned.

These simple truths, even a child suspects ... but there is more. There is the "taste" of this human nature within us. One needs only to venture forth to Christies, where the auction begins and the bids take place upon such rare objets-d'art as the little people are unfit to gain view to see.

And if the Canondales will bid for it, then by GOD the Roacheforques MUST have it, for it is the desire of the Canondale that fuels the passion of the Roacheforque. And NOW comes the Purefoys with THEIR bid. It becomes a matter of honor that Roacheforque bids, and so on. Not to prove the greater means - that is not what fuels this war - but rather a passion to possess what another desires.

THIS passion equal to THAT desire.

And so we see the VALUE in a thing, NOT as in its intrinsic qualities, but rather purely in the desire of a peer to possess it, the stronger that value, so much stronger the desire to PRESERVE that value for one's own, to steal from that desire, the essence of value in exclusive possession.

Not just making a thing MINE, but in the same act making it NOT yours. For what YOU want dear fellow, I MUST have. By my nature, I covet what you desire.

And NOW you understand the breadth of human nature, and why this world we dreamed of above can NEVER exist. Witness this in the morning ritual of the little people's "rush hour" where the coveted prize is but a car length, nothing more, and all pretense of civility is stripped away as the lane changers and cut-ins screech and swerve to the transient little carrot of a single car length they perceive as theirs, before the stop light ahead ends their struggle.

Clearly then, these are not just the passions of Roacheforque projected outward to all humanity, but rather these are the passions of all humanity, upon which Roacheforque guides capital, to derive its tremendous advantage from that singular human failing (as we move the carrot from West to East).

Know too that our money - so intrinsic to our own self-worth - is yet but a means to this end, whether it be paper or gold.

And whether it be paper or gold, if a Canondale or a Purefoy wants nothing at all to do with it, it has no value to a Roacheforque (nor any other conduit of means). It might as well be an obscure, impressionistic bit of colored clay, of which the only hope of establishing value is a somewhat irrational desire to possess it.

And lacking that desire, it has no value at all ... in this realm of human nature to which we are bound.


  1. Roachforque,

    I feel your pain. I suggest that you have identified a valid blight upon our human experience, but I further suggest that it exits in washes, as a master's watercolor builds intensity with layers of application.

    Some are fully consumed by the need to claim as their own the coveted prizes, and others (many good folk in our lower class seats) strive for a mere subset or a tint of the trappings enjoyed by the privileged.

    At the point where my acquisition is contingent upon your loss, is the point where we as a polite society feel the grind of devolution. It's all good until you need to surrender to me some of your accumulated worth. Then the pain becomes tangible, and the game finds a devastating landing spot.

    I'm betting that two hand-wringers like us can't present a solution for this natural clash of interests.

    But it is of value to present the observations, and ponder the ramifications. Kudos for positing the issue.


  2. Noble BIMBY,
    Your words are wise sir. As we seek the truth, we first seek to recognize our own true nature, as in "know thyself" - and in recognizing that nature in ourselves (and others) we strive to keep such in check, and reach for a higher elevation.

    You have obviously attained the height of self-awareness, and are as ONE, in harmony and at peace with your surroundings.

    As best I can tell, living the good life of balance, harmony, friendship, the fruits of wisdom and of the harvest of nature's bounty is perhaps the best-fitting Karmic counter-balance to the activities of those who make their way upon the backs of others.

    Those types, of which Roacheforque is well acquianted, find no such peace in their existence in the here and now, and more than likely, the hereafter ...

  3. Roacheforque,

    "As best I can tell, living the good life of balance, harmony, friendship, the fruits of wisdom and of the harvest of nature's bounty is perhaps the best-fitting Karmic counter-balance to the activities of those who make their way upon the backs of others.

    Those types, of which Roacheforque is well acquianted, find no such peace in their existence in the here and now, and more than likely, the hereafter ..."

    As an exercise, can we consider that the world is not just made up of humans, but also of many diverse beings of widely ranging intellects and capabilities.

    It seems that every few months, some research team somewhere finds new, amazing intelligent behavior in this or that animal. We humans quite likely may not be the sole thinkers on the planet. But I am veering off course.

    Those [humans] who make their way upon the backs of others are not the only beings on earth who make their way based upon the misery (or demise) of others. It's quite a common theme, in fact!

    Do leopards burn in Hell? Somehow, I don't think so. After all, swallowing a Gazelle is, while quite inconvenient for the Gazelle, hard-wired into the leopard. There's really no other way for the leopard to act.

    You may argue that with a greater ability to reason, there is a greater responsibility to be benevolent while clawing out an existence. I might even agree with you on that.

    But the fact (as I see it) is indelible that in this life there are and always will be some who enjoy great leverage over others, and there is simply no ultimate leveling of the playing field, or backlash for bad behavior. We may badly wish for it, but we will be left empty handed.

    Like it or not, I am just a Bimby, and you a Roacheforque, and beings that we cannot retaliate against can simply extract from us their tolls. It is as it is.

    Unless, of course, we are creative Bimbys and Roacheforques in putting our piles of stored value out of reach of these predators.

    We can even, in fact, turn the tables at times, using their predatory lending schemes against them, and making recovery tedious and fruitless.

    As you commented elsewhere. I concur wholeheartedly.

    Channel your inner leopard, Roacheforque.


  4. Gracious BIMBY,
    You SIR, have shown enormously, that you have the gift of darkly original humor, I say, as my ass falls to the floor (from progressive and unrestrained chortling) which is evidence enough that you can grasp the joy of the flower, and by that simple daily ritual, defeat all predators who would stop at the point just short of devouring you.

    Let us hope what is in store then is not the sordid Zombie Apocolypse, as some have presupposed ...

  5. Roacheforque,

    Yes, I'm fairly certain that zombies have a pretty thin list of professional ethics guidelines.

    Let's hope they don't gain an upperhand! But if they do, I'm pretty sure "Hello Kitty" merchandise stops them in their tracks.


  6. Meant to add,

    Clearly a reason to sell some gold to stock up...

  7. Roacheforque,

    you should not think only that way, because there is something I can own, that you desire, that I can share with you (and with anybody else) without never loosing it, and that you will own too.
    It is not a zero sum game, because our choice is not limited to material world. Because human NATURE is not limited to material world.
    Our choice, our desire, the way we estimate value is made by our consciousness.

    Material world is a projection of our personal consciousness.

    And consciousness is a facet for the spirit.

    If and when I develop my spirit, I can share it with you at will. And you're owning your spirit at the same time. The more I give to you spiritual gifts, the more I allow to develop your spirit, the more you become free and conscious, and me either.

    There are myriad of paths for doing this, but I have recorded mine here: http://conscience-sociale.blogspot.fr/p/reperes.html

    Obviously nobody can (or must) follow exactly the same path, but it could help a lot in these days. Like perhaps some strange writings from an ancient explorer of a new continent.

    1. I think you are describing the aspirations of the truly enlightened, the truly altruistic who understand that a world where good overcomes evil is a better world, well within their grasp, and who by that doctrine strive always to be a positive force for good.
      This, in my observation, is the next evolutionary step for mankind. For the most part, we are not there yet IMHO.
      As in any world with intelligent beings some are more evolved than others.
      This article is an inditement of the vast majority of human beings who have not evolved much in their inner nature from the first homo sapiens who decided it is more rewarding to rape and pillage a neighboring tribe and take what they have, than it is to work together toward a common harvest that provides bounty for all.
      As we prepare to survive the new reality, I suspect that we will see the nature of being human, in even greater degrees of ugliness and privitive covetousness, than today's headlines reveal. Surely you know of the Eugenics doctrine contained in the agri-business model, as it is not that far removed from the eugenics movement of the 3rd Reich, and certainly, we have this element in Ukraine even in the present day.

      How little man has changed. When the chips are down the strong will prey upon the weak for instant gratification before sacrificing anything at all to help the weak, in a cooperative effort to reap a greater future harvest.

      That is not to say that technically speaking, all humans are alike. Those who are act more spriitual, do so by denying their human nature, and aspiring to an existence that is "not of this world".

      Sadly, most people, by their nature, covet. They do not want to share, for to do so, is to "lose power".

      Even I admit that I am only human, and though I strive to rise above that, I know that my desires and impulses are less than perfect.

      But I am becoming less and less human each and every year, and more and more spiritual, as I get closer and closer to the day when I am human no more - a day we will both arrive at, in time.

      I welcome your insight from another place across the sea, and cherish that we live in an age where we can express out thoughts from so many miles away, freely and almost instantly.

      We have that at least. Thank you for your comment.

  8. If you don't compete how can you be beaten?

  9. In your words sounds a truth of tremendous character, truly reaching the core of this destitude state of mankind, whereas we find all of this horrible rubble that we have labelled a civilised effort.

    1. Thank you sir (or madam). You have caused me to reread a post from 3 plus years ago, and what I take from it today is that the so called leader of the free world is a prime example of the subject matter.
      As if things could not have become worse ... they have...