Friday, October 11, 2013

In What World?

ZH asks the question:
In what world is it rational to decide that dumping 800,000 ounces of notional gold into the London Fix (or COMEX open) makes sense?
Perhaps a world where paper wealth represents "the thoughts of a nation blowing in the wind" used to value real money of ancient world class proportions (as a commodity).

Any price you can think of (as in perceived value) will do, as in NO (paper) price will work!

But take heart. For the little people can still trade their DEBT for GOLD at that managed perception price - tied to that same FIAT they use in their day-to-day commerce.

Can you imagine such an opportunity in your wildest dreams? Know that forces are at work to prevent you from understanding that what you are offering for this world class wealth is nothing more than unrepayable promises soon to be irredeemable even as "thoughts". But that is what you earn your living with, so why not use the same leverage as world class wealth holders?

For the Keynesians do truly believe that ALL value lies in nothing more than perceived CONfidence. And while they also believe they will always be able to manage those perceptions, a strong wind blows from the East to change those thoughts in the blink of an eye. We do not know when or which domino will begin the toppling of faith, but we do know quite well how they will fall. As they always have since the dawn of paper money.

A good day to buy an old yellow coin, with dates and mottos of a bygone era soon to be restored.

Happy Trail !!


  1. But we all know (because we have been told) that perception is reality, and so it is, or at least we all perceive it to be, which means that it is, which means....

  2. And yes, it's a very good day to buy a yellow coin. At least a few of us perceive that it is, which means...

  3. Yes BIMBY the infinite regression of our own perceptions are a tunnel without end ... but outside that tunnel are it's engineers, the propagandists who manage real world direction into the tunnel. Much more than a metaphysical observation a la Descartes - more like a deceptional observation a la Orwell.

    1. Ahh, Descartes. The proof that God exists: God is a being than whom no greater being exists.

      A being who exists is greater than one which does not exist.

      Therefore, God, as a being greater than all other beings, must exist.

      I will now commence whacking myself in the forehead with a 2x4 until I think of less presumptuous things to ponder.