Monday, September 30, 2013

Your CAUSE is Their EFFECT

I do hope the little people had a restful weekend, full of "panem et circenses" and a good few pints as well, to help wash away all doubts of the Empire and its many favours. Now it is time to WORK and pay forward all debts, so as to live out the dreams that are lent, as all is watched "with interest" from on high.

For those who would worry of some constriction in the flow of gold in size, Roacheforque's advice, for what it is worth, is to focus your attentions elsewhere. It is not gold or FIAT that is the focal point of the coming changes, but ENERGY - that which fuels productive economies. Look around you at the flow of energy, amid the lies and misdirection, for THAT is where the ACTION is.

Money can be printed, and gold moves in mirror images of itself enough to cover any and all changes in perception of "what is value" or "what is wealth". But when a currency is disfavored for the energy trade, it becomes a credibility problem for that currency. When it turns to another source, and is snubbed, and then to another (even more venerable and trusted) and is turned away ... this becomes a REAL problem.

Energy is the "here and now" lubrication for continuing growth and production upon which all debt systems are intrinsically dependent. It literally vanishes in a puff of smoke in the performance of it's utility ... so it's steady FLOW is of equal importance to the flow of the currency which it values.

When a currency cannot induce ENERGY to flow in size, then it will in certain fail to induce GOLD to flow in size. You see, gold and oil do NOT flow in the same direction - nor do the currencies which they are denominated in. But will a currency fail to denominate either?

Let a currency fail to denominate oil, and thus then will it fail to denominate GOLD (even a reserve currency, though such failing calls into question its role as a reserve).

Then you will have your gold standard without even proclaiming it as such. It will not be something new, but rather something that always was, now revealed.

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