Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Truth Abandoned, Lies Embraced

Notice in this article by NBC "news" the vast number of Facebook and Twitter reposts exalting the pure nonsense of the mainstream media ministry to such a level of "social acceptance" as to strike fear in the hearts of any and all independent and rational thinkers, what few are left, among the tiny pockets of decency spread thinly across the vastness of our planet earth.

Roacheforque's tedious effort to attempt to digest this particular passage before early evening cocktails ...
By Tuesday night, Obama had to rework a prime-time television address to say that he would give diplomacy more time to work. He also used that speech to build a moral case for U.S. action if Syria stalled or otherwise misbehaved.
... gave cause for such a nauseating reaction to the heights of hypocrisy deployed, that it became necessary to call upon Giles to fetch forth a cask of the good single malt, from the Roacheforque ancestral cellars, distilled from that concern in the Highlands that our Scottish agents acquired in default several centuries ago, over a speculative wager whose outcome the family had already secured, as a foregone conclusion to intelligence's not made privy to the little people, and costing them so dearly the privileges of their continued livelihood in the trade.

Please do not ask Roacheforque to cite the many, MANY examples of the United States Government's utter apathy with regard to human rights violations, genocide and atrocities in the many parts of the world (Rwanda, the Congo) were it has no energy supply interests to protect.

The truth is quite clear for all to see, but the lies help the little people rest easy at night, knowing that if they embrace them they will be protected by powers feared throughout the realm. And even if they do not admit this to themselves, their ignorance does so for them.

Even the Impaler fears the wrath of the Western military intelligence complex, but their proxies will discuss his G20 initiatives in Geneva, under cover of deceit, and with all due diplomacy, as he bides his time.


  1. Single malt greetings, noble Roacheforque,

    We live in the age of hypocrisy shrouded by ludicrousity. Our leaders run amok, yet bleat missives about control and caution. We have truly entered the crazy stage of the collapse.

    I believe I'll have another, and reflect.


  2. May I recommend Glen Grant sir, if you can find it, the Majors Reserve. You will find the story of his inheritance nearly as satisfying, on the reserve side label, as the quality of the final offering itself, especially at it's "little people price" :)