Monday, September 23, 2013

To The Little People: What If?

Let us pose a hypothetical, in the not too distant future.

What if all paper wealth was suddenly "reconsidered"?

What if "financial" savings no longer represented the wealth, now and in the future, that it promised, losing most of its perceived value almost overnight?

What if the hyperinflation some predicted, was already well under way, and the reason prices have not followed suit, is because none of this new money ever reaches the little people - but rather is issued to give credibility to debt, as found in fraudulent derivative securities, and other "balance sheet paper" held by banks?

What if this coming "New World Order" has been a part of our lives all along, for the past 42 years, even though most did not understand it was "already entrenched" .. ?

What if the class politique served special interests whose primary objective is to keep the little people under control by any means, obedient and servile, distracted if necessary ... but first and foremost, at all times motivated to work, and produce, in order to service their debts, their lifestyles, their dreams .. ?

What if the run on gold bullion was already well under way, with cash settlement already selectively taking place, the Western price discovery system of fractionalized paper gold futures already breaking down, in S L O W  M O T I O N all around us, as the central banks collectively pool the single non-paper reserve asset on their books, through their main shareholders, the primary dealers (whose major shareholders do eventually lead to families, like the Roacheforques, and their private vaults) .. ?

What if the derivative claims of paper wealth based upon events and outcomes far outstripped the true wealth they lay claim upon, and must somehow be written off .. ?

What if the corporatist state was no longer able to sustain the facade of image, because the obvious inequities of the system were being watched from other parts of the world - parts integral to this global system - parts necessary to keep it functioning - and those participants were withdrawing support from the old system, and preparing the new .. ?

What if all these things are truly happening "outside our perceptions" as this old World Order attempts to absorb the last remnants of non-central sovereign and Shari'a banks, in the deserts of cheap energy reserves, the last remnants of a competitive nation-state economic system .. ?

Could it be that the "collapse and reset" is already slowly taking place outside the managed perceptions of the little people, and that what truly awaits is a grand *ACCELERATION * of that reality, flowing into their perceptions, as the managers lose control?

I dare say that only in the Orwellian imaginings of the most cynical conspiracy obsessionist might such a fanciful Apocalyptic vision hold sway. The little people are happy enough to serve our purposes, and that is all that really matters ... isn't it?

But ... what if ...... ???

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  1. Roacheforque,

    What if, indeed. We may not need to spend much time on the "what if." We may proceed soon enough to the "what is."

    I was about to respond in full, but decided that my response would benefit from a little fermentation and contemplation. So, off I go to oversee the fermentation. And to contemplate, yes, that too.

    Back soon!