Thursday, October 18, 2018

China's Free-Gold Flirt

As we watch the "decoupling" of China's yuan to gold peg, it is interesting to note the Western slant on what is happening. Spurious? A "ploy"?


China undoubtedly holds most of the world's physical gold supply, accumulating it fiercely since well before 1997, when another noted: "The great mistake by the BIS was in underestimating the Asians." 

It seems we underestimate them still.

China can place as many zeros behind its yuan as it takes to bid for an ounce of gold, whether 8500 or 85000. I have some Zimbabwe dollars with many zeros printed on them, and they look and feel like "real money".

The question is ... if China decouples from the current FX market (by decoupling from gold) what does this do to the dollar?

Those who are willing to trade gold for Yuan will have much more Yuan with which to purchase many, many real world items that are denominated in Yuan. And if certain currencies hyper-inflate relative to gold alone, an interesting "ploy" will unfold indeed.

Yes much of our thinking has become inverted as we invert the value of fiat paper over physical gold these many years. As for oil. Well, there is much salt in the world's oceans. Let us hope it stays that way a while longer.

Perhaps the flower of understanding will see some much needed sunlight as the clouds of Empire part. It doesn't even take a whole day before we are trying to explain the yuan to gold relationship in so many more inverted ways ...

I would not count my thoughts of value just yet. Time, alas, proves all.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Systemically Fraudulent

Slowly but surely, people are beginning to understand that the dollar system is a self-referencing phenomenon which (to some degree) perpetuates the fallacy that it is subject to the same economic fundamentals as other currencies. This is not the case.

The US Treasury, the NY Fed, the ESF and the US Fed primary dealers have an immensely powerful capability to create "systemic strong dollar" fundamentals - with dark money dollar access to systemically important derivative counter parties which have zero transparency (behind the mask of national security).

This has all been explained by Rob Kirby (and others like Katheryn Austin Fitts) at length. The reason I say that the fallacy of a systemically level playing field is "perpetuated to some degree" should be clear. It certainly is clear to the biggest systemic stakeholders (and has been for some time).

The dollar system hugely dominates and literally controls global economic fundamentals. The US Dollar depends on nothing, while every civilized economy depends greatly on the dollar. This has been the case for some time, though it is slowly changing.

Huge wealth stakeholders are currently engaged in predicting the speed and depth of change to that constant, as dollar system alternatives gradually respond to sanctions and systemic exploitation.

As Roacheforque has cited ad nauseum, chartists and fundamentalists have been in uncharted territory for some time now, especially with the system under pressure and "dark money circulation" in high gear. The panic driven behavior of international economic sanctions is a clear indication that the same panic drives dark dollar flow.

Whether by design or circumstance, debt based systems will grow exponentially.

It is good to read these articles which exonerate Kirby, De Carbonnel and Fitts, as other authors begin to corroborate their findings.

The dollar system makes its own rules and all economies across the world must follow them. As such, the international monetary and financial system is indeed systemically fraudulent. Exchange rates, interest rates, commodity prices, stock prices - all are subject to the massive creation of absurd derivative positions which cannot exist without unlimited dark money.

But everyone already knows this right? Everyone knows that the global monetary system is a game of Monopoly, and that the US Dollar is HASBRO.


I think, perhaps not. But this too is changing. The hand that gives is above the hand that takes, until it is discovered that what the hand above gives "is not what it says it is".

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Much has been written lately about the #metoo movement in conjunction with its latest freak show, the Kavanaugh nomination. What seemed to begin as a feminist awakening, centered around Hollywood's most notorious offender, has morphed predictably into a political tool of aggression backed by Soros and the lunatic left.

As Rocheforque has cited many times in prior posts, the traditional roles of Western Civilization are under attack. The nuclear family, composed of a dominant male head of household and a nurturing female partner and defender, is all but a distant memory among the underclasses (a.k.a. the indentured debtor classes). Social turbulence, greed and the divorce industry has seen to that. Yet among the ruling classes, these values remain very much intact.

Again, most of what we are being led to believe in terms of changing racial, cultural and social norms is actually a byproduct of the increasing division of class. To the extent that political and economic means drive that division, we again refer to tribal behavior.

Any reasonable assessment of social media - Facebook specifically - tells us that we desperately seek to:
1) Consort with people who in all ways "act like us, think like us, follow us and agree with us", and ...
2) Disassociate with those who think unlike, act unlike or disagree with us, in a harsh and uncompromising fashion.
The universal tendency of these two facts of human nature spill over from our tiny social circles to the world at large. A person like George Soros, who has the money and power to advance the cause of "make people act like me, think like me and agree with me (or as I wish)" will obviously peddle influence through NGO's, dark money circulation, bribery and extortion.

But as we witness the rational fallout of a world where the accused are guilty until proven innocent, the victims of this disaster are all too predictable.

First of all, reasonable, rational men and women in the so called advanced (a.k.a. decadent) hemispheres, will be unavoidably affected by the intensity of emotional shock. And women in particular will suffer, as men gradually begin to lose all trust. 

As for men ... especially those of us who have been exploited by truly evil women, who are fully conscious and sober during the execution of their long term strategies of deception and betrayal (in ways far more injurious than those of a single inappropriate drunken teen grope) ... we simply shrug it off and move on. 

But take heart. Our nation of millennial twinks will soon join the ranks of victim-hood, as there is no shortage of wealthy and powerful women these days upon which to heap public shame and humiliation. It doesn't quite fit today's narrative of "tearing down" white male privilege, but given time, the pendulum of victim-hood always swings in an opposite direction.

As the little people watch in horror the extremely divisive gender identity positions on display in their Facebook feeds, they wonder to what depths they must plumb the absurdly polarized cesspool of political correctness in order to avoid the suspicion of insensitivity.

Even you yourself have probably wondered, as you view with contempt the positions taken by previously rational Facebook friends ... "How can he (or she) just fall in line with these extremely divisive and offensive views?" Isn't it amazing how predictably each liberal stance on every social, cultural, political and economic issue lines up perfectly along the "party narrative", leaving no room for rational, independent thought. It is no different to the extreme far right, except in numbers, reach and trend-line.

It seems the indoctrination of social media, corporate media, Hollywood and the liberal public education or workplace environment leaves no room for originality, individuality, or divergence from the social justice narrative whatsoever. It is indeed a world where the mind (not the body) has been "snatched" - by invaders from another dimension.

But these invaders into your home, your schools, your neighborhood, your workplace, your social circles, your culture, your race, your gender, your politic, your identity ... they are not from another planet ... although ... in a sense, they are from another world of money and power. And their tribal instinct is to dominate you, and enslave you, by distracting you and dividing you. 

It is an age old tactic. As old as civilization itself. As old as the origins of generational wealth. As old as the accumulation of gold in Egyptian tombs, and much older yet. The only thing new about it is the wrinkle of technological innovation in its spread of slavery beneath the ruling classes and its ability to make slaves of entire populations who actually believe themselves to be free.

As you watch the men and women in your Facebook feed mouthing the words of their puppet masters, you know they are not free, and as such - bound to them as part of your tribe, or forced to abandon them - neither are you.

No man is an island, and isolationism is just another form of enslavement.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


  1. 1.
    a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values.
China is wise to seek the counsel of Wall Street in regards to the economic battle against the US. On the surface it is a trade war, but this is just a strategy to manage "strong dollar policy". In the end, it is always about the currencies and the advantage the dollar enables by virtue of being the currency that all other major currencies are referenced to for value.

Wall Street owes no allegiance to (99% of) the American people, but must nurture its partnership with the US Government (whose allegiances are exactly aligned) in order to protect its own material interests. If Wall Street could rape China, as the Clinton / Summers axis raped Russia in the 90's, it would. But that card has already been played. I'm sure that Goldman can come up with something creative, as it did with Greece. But China will be quite wary of the Atlantic's most notorious octopus.

As materialism and consumerism has grown through the massive indoctrination of corporatist propaganda and advertising (controlled and distributed all over the world) the spread of materialism is synonymous with the rise of globalism. It is a celebration of self interest over and above the interests of the tribe.

The 1% have proven that powerful self interest can be concentrated into a tiny tribe - and yet certain factions among them are divided, proving that only when conditions warrant, factions align. That most powerful symbol of materialism which binds them is the US dollar. It is a currency that truly defines today's foreign exchange market mechanism, creating havoc among national economies which defy its political will.

The many currency crises affecting EMs and other defiers of the Dollar Empire could be averted (and will be in years to come) if and when a more equitable international monetary and financial system is operational, and working smoothly.

It is quite easy to visualize an FX market which does not include the US dollar. One can easily imagine a world where the US is isolated from international trade (America First as America Only). There is nothing produced by the USA which the rest of the world cannot live without, and likewise the USA is not an indispensable customer - it's demand can be easily replaced by legitimate prosperity elsewhere.

What the USA produces is materialism, financialization and it's well oiled, dependably functioning US Dollar system. The "globalism" it produced is it's own "dollar brand" as is its dollar brand of global financialization and commerce. As you look at the competing systems, and tally up the real statistics, you realize that it cannot survive its imposition on the world.

Yes, you will read the Bloomberg article about how the dollar is weaponized, wondering "why would Bloomberg of all sources admit the truth here?" only to realize that the article is more about how effective and durable that weapon is, rather than its moral implication. That judgement is reserved as just a unimportant detail.

We really have come full circle, from a time when the truth was hidden behind a veil of virtue, to a time when materialism and self interest allows the veil to be slowly removed. This is the populist, nationalist, sovereignist movement which defines "Trumpism". In true trickle down fashion you will come to understand that what is good for the 1% is good for those who fight over their crumbs. Or so you are told.

You will see the truth about the energy interests of the faction that keeps your bread below $3.00 per loaf because they want to pay less taxes on all their mansions. And it will be put to you as, "who gives a damn about the masquerade in Syria?"

And in the end you will decide ... is this how we want the world to be? Or maybe the world will begin to change before that question really comes to bear. It is changing already, with more to come. Social media has taught us a lot about our addictions to materialism and the power of image over substance.

And millenials are deleting the app in record numbers. A new Messiah awaits.

The people will always give the "power of good" a chance. And like the USA, the power given is always corrupted. Materialism is at the core of this, and the US Dollar is just its latest mascot. The little people can rage, but they're still just rats in a cage.

Sunday, September 9, 2018


As we draw closer to the changes which lie ahead, some of us see the strategy of our keepers and masters. But for those who don't, there are just a few missing pieces to plug in.

First of all, if you think your "government" has "your best interests at heart", you are absolutely right - as long as you have many millions to donate to the cause. It's the same cause as any - self enrichment, including the personal wealth enrichment of every Democrat and every Republican you have ever heard of, and all those you have not. You will be told that our military is fighting for the cause of the Syrian people, who are being gassed by their government for reasons unknown, when in fact the chemical weapon attacks are staged, and the whole thing is a pretense to prevent an energy pipeline to Europe, not under the complete control of the empire's economic interests.

Anyone left who fails to comprehend this is unfit to participate in the political process - either through the psychological impediment of denial, or sheer stupidity, or a combination of both.

Secondly, if you still cling to the "bipartisan-conflict" model of the US political system, these annals are probably far too radical for your consideration. But if so ... and you do continue to read ... it must be said that the present strategy of "divide and conquer through partisan deflection" is so overwhelmingly acknowledged by the growing number of critical thinkers who understand it, that Roacheforque's position now truly borders on discrimination towards those who do not.

Tolerance notwithstanding, these are times when rational thought and common sensibility are demanded of the little people, if they are to survive.

And so with these basic understandings taken as simplistically evident, one can move forward toward the conclusion that self preservation and enrichment has been a powerful motivation of the classe politique - just as with all classes. And the fear of social unrest and it's concomitant "somebody went postal" moments is the motivation behind the strategy to deflect blame and outrage. If government can divide the masses ideologically and have the little people polarized, and fighting among themselves, then government itself becomes blameless - simply representing the ideologies of two opposing camps.

So what is causing the ruling class to regularly soil their Depends undergarments, such that a tedium of calls must be made to their personal incontinence advisers?

That would be somewhat nebulous, due to our unprecedented wanderings for so long now into uncharted monetary and financial waters. But certain economists at the Bank, we hear (as well as board members who dine with them on occasion) are a bit worried about the currencies.

If the debt based dollar system finds competition in another, equity backed, system ... and if global economics contracts into regional, and even local economies ... then ... the way that currencies "get their value" comes under pressure. The inputs to the exchange rate mechanism favor different factors than before, and as the empire acts to protect certain interests (trade tariffs, sanctions) the little people are soon to find their "money" ... "not working as before".

Not to be cryptic, but inflation has a way of hurting the little people which does not bother billionaires much at all. The elite will of course bitch about the price of freshly baked bread, but I can assure you they will still seek out the best bread money can buy at any cost, and make up the difference a hundred fold in ways that they alone can - the bakers of the bread be damned.

And the little people will be damned, and pitchforks will no doubt be hurled. But the "how and when" of these matters is for the Devil to decide. The future is unknown, but the strategy going forward is obvious. Self preservation at all cost and at every level.

Let the little people fight among themselves, while Giants fortify and glorify their bunkers. Change is inevitable and unstoppable. Time proves all.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Belief & Obedience

I found myself heartily entertained this morning by PCRs recent analysis of the NY Times latest Russiagate inspired propaganda piece, prepared and delivered as per the narrative of the Deep State apparatus to which it is so mercilessly beholden. More than once I chortled with complete abandon, filling the halls of Roacheforque's Summer cottage with blustering guffaws. I am certain that the staff is murmering busily, about the early morning distraction, as I write.

As one contemplates the sheer madness of our modern day human condition, it is quite appropriate to temper the tragedy with comedy, and humor does ease the foreboding nature of the ultimate tragedy which looms large just ahead. The central question that Roberts poses with subdued incredulity is one which many readers have commented upon over the years. "Who believes this ridiculous nonsense and why?"

As this is an important question, and one which has garnered much contemplation in recent years, I will attempt to answer it, conditionally, and in deference to, the level of consciousness which consumers of mass media are currently attempting to manage.

It is Roacheforque's conclusion that a sense of strong "belief" is no longer required by the indoctrinated, in order to rationalize their actions. They have been conditioned to accept "obedience" as a higher order of authority than their own cognitive rationale. Of course you will never read this elsewhere, as anyone credentialed enough to lend credibility to the finding is as compromised as any of the obedient. As we attempt to dissect the nature of the liberal left "follower", we find that nearly all sufferers of the condition either lie, cheat, steal or administer "educational" indoctrination, taxation, regulation, restriction or opportunity status upon the remaining. Their "money" depends upon this type of "easy work" where nothing of value is truly created, but rather value is extracted from those who cure, invent, solve, build, create and maintain our physical reality ... the fruits of "hard" (a.k.a. real, a.k.a. socially positive) work which is quantified and redistributed among these various obedient (easy work, busy work) "administrators".

As our debt-based paychecks are often higher for those who do the "easy" work than those who do the "hard", try not to see the obvious connection to the nature of the "money" used to denominate said debt payments. A fitting Labor Day tribute to fiat money indeed.

And now you know why NY (Wall St) California (Hollywood, Silicon Valley) Washington DC and every state capital (or cities with a dominant higher education presence) lean to the progressive left, while the Heartland (Industry) leans to the conservative right. The little people populate nations of increasingly blended out, nihilistic "obey the narrative" followers ... of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, morally neutral, homogenized, liberalized socio-political identity.

To be a leader in these times is to be subject to the many and growing forces of reversion-to-the-mean which the ruling classes manage quite actively. Does a lab rat "believe in" the actions it takes when it is shocked or given endorphins? Or does it merely respond to the reward system offered by its handlers?

As such, to answer the central question posed by PCR, "belief" is not relevant to the intended audience, nor obviously the messenger. Both parties fully realize that truth is an unimportant detail. What is important is the obedience which your survival depends upon. The NY Times writers are no different than the obedient readership. Their paycheck is conditional upon obedience, not independent thought seeking an objective truth.

Those of us who think or act otherwise do so at our own risk.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Emerging Layers

As has been treated in past analogues, the layers of betrayal run deep with technology. Man's original "trustless, anonymous" concept goes back to the origins of technology itself. One layer is perceived as autonomous, and others are manipulated by the stewards of the technology - to gain power and control over the masses.

Note that Google for example is now so intrinsically a part of the surveillance and indoctrination arms of the CIA, FBI and related Deep State apparatus, that it can openly ... brazenly ... and very publicly contradict the US President as a visible power play for all to see. Facebook and Twitter are not yet quite as established or integral to mass indoctrination propaganda operations, but that is progressing.

So the technology can be programmed to "normalize" or "correct" thoughts or thought processes of the population of mass users, depending upon one's concept of "normal" or "correct", as in "politically" or "socially".

Roacheforque had long ago concluded that Facebook has an inherent, user-generated "mass norming" influence upon the political and social bell curve. Some person will publish findings one day which support that the early days of Facebook were rather mild and "normative", as the majority of opinions along a spectrum of extremes will logically drift toward the center (moderate, majority view) when left to purely random influences.

That tendency however, can easily be tweaked to whatever ends the stewards of the technology desire. It's as simple as bending the bell curve toward the polar extremes by "showing" more polarizing content to more users of a certain type, and less of another, according to algorithmic inputs in the thousands.

The outcome of this "social turbulence" reconditioning through our trusted (and obsessively used) technologies is that the former center of the bell curve is obliterated and polar extremes are now the norm.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are mind control and indoctrination technologies in the new "soft war" objective of mass population control and management. It works for the vast majority. And for the rest of us, it acts as a window into the mindset of our controllers - those who set the lab rats to kill each other off (or otherwise keep them occupied or distracted) while the ruling class who funds the entire operation goes about changing the world to suit their psychopathic lust for power and control.

It truly is an "invasion of the mind snatchers" twist on reality, as we watch the people that we thought we knew ... literally acting as agents for a narrative, and an agenda, which they never expressed before the public expression of personal thoughts (and the complete abandonment of privacy) came into vogue.

And we wonder if it came into vogue by design?

Had Roacheforque written of this specifically back in March, the matter might have raised more than a single eyebrow, but I think today, as the fog begins to clear, the emerging layers of betrayal come into view.

And now, just like the "big boys" we end this shocking realization with a soothing and heart warming story, so as to condition your mind to more easily accept the horrific truth, by pairing it with an appeal to your empathy, and your "humanity".

Just like every major network in the ministry of indoctrination does: